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Click here for an engine start of an IO-720 in a 400 Comanche, and here for a 400 take-off from Naples, FL; turn up the volume!

Also see the "various videos" link on the left column for more.

Well the "stuff" has finally hit the fan. Go to the "Stabilator" link for more information including SB-1189 and kit descriptions.

Beware the ramp check!
On-site inspector.
Cheerful assistant on staff.
I did that one all by myself too.
Cheerful assistant rapidly growing up.
Landing Gear Specialist with dirty toes.

All the photos above are of the same boy Joshua; he's really growing up and what a joy it's been.

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Not at Hooters!

Migrant worker mugshot.
Aging like fine whole milk!

Could you believe someone suggested the photo on the left was inappropriately ugly [my boy Joshua did that fine artwork on my dentures].

So by request here is another one, that's me too on the right; same mug just 5 years older.

If I were only a real web-site designer, I would be dangerous - Matt Kurke

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