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Electrical Miscellaneous.

GAUGES - this is a real asset, please read the SSL-406.

  • Service Spares Letter 406 - [Piper quote] "PURPOSE: We are pleased to announce that we now have the capability to replace most all of the out of production Stewart Warner and A.C. Spark Plug Company indicating systems with Rochester gauges." [end quote]. This is a great reference and will help many. Read specifically pages 3 through 5 which concerns the Comanche gauges: CHT, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel quantity, ammeter. This includes the panel gauge units and the sender units. You may not be real thrilled with Piper's pricing!


Autopilot trim switch repairs. Also see the Rams Horn Yokes link.

switch adapter for auto pilot
adapter with trim switch
This grip uses #4-40 threads to accomodate the auto pilot switch adapter.
Auto pilot switch adapter with trim switch for the rams horn yoke.



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