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Flap Motor and Transmission.

Transmission types.

Dura Transmission
Dukes Transmission
Dura Transmission - most common type
Dukes Transmission

This information including the Dukes type transmission is provided because there are 2 types of transmissions; it would certainly be rare but I suppose possible to find the Dukes installed in the flap system.

Transmission exchange program brochure; this service using Webco Aircraft as the repair facility is currently on hold due to their non-availability of an FAA approved repair process, but they say that they are currently working on it.

The Dukes transmission [not the electric motor] can be overhauled at Dukes, Inc; I keep one of those on the shelf for exchange.

The Dura transmission and the electric motor can be conditionally repaired - call for information.

Air Parts of Lockhaven and Pifer's Airmotive claim FAA approval for performing the electric motor repair.

Transmission service as specified in the Service Manuals. This applies likewise to the landing gear transmissions; would't that figure? I'll wager the flap transmission service is one of the most-ignored components on the Comanche.

The brake coil assembly.


The flap motor.

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