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Fuel system.

This area won't cover those items easily available such as the engine-driven fuel pumps, and the more common boost pumps.

Also see the link "Electrical Misc" where you will find information on new fuel gauges and sender units.

  • Fuel quantity indication system. Here is a cute photo showing the resident mouser and "helper", and secondarily a selector switch assembly that really needed the treatment that I offer.

hangar kitty


fuel quantity selector switch
new switches and properly marked wires
Before repair
After repair



  • Twins - I have a wiring and switch kit deveolped; I haven't had the time to make the brochure yet.

  • Panel gauge calibration - see appropriate SM section; twins and/or singles. This procedure involves some trial and try again!

  • Hoof Fuel Selector Valves. These are not difficult to reseal.

Fuel level transmitter sealing and hardware kit.

  • 5 each stainless screws and sealing washers, 1 rubber gasket, grounding braids with knife terminals and PVC sleeving to insulate, ty-raps, and grommet for the fuel adapter plate. A whopping $10 plus shipping. Specify whether you have the AC type or the Rochester type transmitter; the Rochester uses longer screws.

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