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I C S Tool Loan Program.

Tool loan rules.

Bungee installation hints; additionally, if you are planning on keeping your Comanche you might consider purchasing a couple tools from Bogert Aviation. The reason, shipping charges for the loan program are no longer insignificant.

Checking gear retraction loads - See also this link.

Go / no-go gauges - This document collection is a creation of Maurice Taylor. It explains how to use and handle the gauges, and shows which gauge is used in which position; a good one to print and have available.

Thread gauges - Handling and using them properly.

Here is a part-numbered list of each tool required to perform the AD 77.13.21, part A per the SB-782B; if you want a set of your own this list of tools will make ordering easier for you. Contact me and I will forward the order to you which makes this easy for you. Approximately $550 will buy one of each; the thread gauges are the expensive ones [I found some on Ebay]. I like McMaster-Carr because their website is the best, but this stuff is surely available from other tool suppliers.

Pertaining to the photo above of the go / no-go and thread gauges; we have three plug gauge kits, but only two thread gauge sets of each size. One thread gauge set fits the 180 / 250 / 260 airframes; the other set fits the 260C / 400 / Twin airframes.

Photo - Adapter to test landing gear retraction load on all singles except 260C; P/N 26348-000.

Photo - Adapter to test landing gear retraction load on the 260C and all twins; P/N 26347-000

Photo - Wrench for R&R of the castle nuts at the landing gear push-pull control cables [conduits].

Photo - Amp crimper for butt splices used in the single Comanche landing gear wiring harnesses for the nose gear harness. Also for the butt splices used in the fuel selector indicating repair.

Photo - Aileron "special aligning tool". See SCSM section 5-11, TCSM section 5-12; or make your own per the instructions.


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