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Landing Gear Doors.

Here you will find help and clarification to properly adjust the main landing gear doors. As an example see the photo below of the foul-fitting MLG door. One would assume this airplane passed its last annual, and part of that annual is a gear swing, right? Then why does this condition still exist? The "help and clarification" article has factory drawings showing correct brake hose routing which helps avoid this condition.

For the threaded tool mentioned in the "help and clarification" article, order this part number 8419K33 from

Componets to rectify a loose main gear door hinge

The original hinges are loose because the hinge pin is 0.116" diameter and the hinge bore is 0.125".

If you want to avoid the time hassle of procuring the pieces pictured above, buy my kit for $30. I know it’s only worth a few bucks; I have time involved in procuring the components, making the hinge pins, and packaging. You may have a problem buying just one 0.125" SS welding rod to make the pins. This kit has what you need to perform the gear door hinge improvement process for both doors. All nicely packaged in a plastic tube so the hinge pins and the long #30 drill won’t get bent during shipping. Instructions included.

Here are some photos showing the correct brake hose routing; follow this and you'll avoid troubles.

Available stuff


A complete compliment of cadmium plated exchange steel components related to the landing gear is usually available; the above is just a sample.

This should be considered when refurbishing the wheel wells or other opportunity.

Nose gear door problem-solver; read this below even if you don't know you have a problem with those doors.

260C & 400 nose gear doors

And FWIW, whoever installed the landing gear wiring harness kit in this 400 clearly didn't bother to read and follow the instructions manual. This harness is routed incorrectly and is not secured with the cushioned clamps and hardware that I supply with all the kits. Another example of how men just cannot follow instructions, although I try really hard to understand what she really means!

Here is the correct routing and cushioned clamps locations for the nose gear harness on a 400.

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