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Parts for sale and/or exchange.

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We got 'em - Piper parts - some new old stock, some new new stock, some overhauled.

Bosch landing gear motor
Dukes as received after O/H
21286-000 landing gear retraction motor
25720-003 Dukes transmission - STOLEN 10/16/2009 - NLA
Fuel valve for 90 gallon singles
lower drag link / down-lock link
492-068 Hoof-type fuel selector valve
20768-000 / 20768-001 Fits 180/250/260 not 260C
Twin gear doors
twin servo
OUT OF STOCK - Twin Comanche nose gear doors
2524141-12 / RSA-5AD1
fuel filler cap
Flap switch

Fuel Cap 27221-000 has been replaced by p/n 554-180 OUT OF STOCK

487-839 ref Flap switch - all models
Landing gear selector switch
Landing gear selector switch
487-845 ref Landing gear selector switch - with center-off
487-865 ref Landing gear selector switch - without center-off
Basic MLG spring kit
Super MLG assist spring kit
487-347 Spring, MLG assist. Old P/N 83302-040. Basic kit as pictured - $45.00 with great instructions and photos

487-347 Spring, MLG assist. Old P/N 83302-040. Deluxe kit as pictured - $82.00 with great instructions and photos. The cadmium plated parts are exchange only.

Battery relay 12/24 volt

OUT OF STOCK - 24959-000 / 581-081 - Placard, fuel tank selector. These are original Piper parts; not reporductions. Fits PA30-594 and up; and all PA39. $85.00 each.

This relay is used in the 400 Comanche for the 24-volt staring system. $200.00 each. New old stock; when they're gone you're out of luck.


Twin Comanche 1H7-1 & 1H7-2 fuel selector valves. These units have been converted to the -7 & -8 configuration [o-ring seats]; aka P/N 492-136 and 492-137. They include the stainless steel bowls [kit 757-187]; fresh cadmium plating, and look as new. These valves are exchange only on like-kind rebuildable cores; available separately. Check here for the fuel level indicating micro switch kit.

NOTE - THIS IS NLA FROM ME due to Duke's pricing; i refuse to be associated with something so stupid.

Here is the Dukes transmission lubricant called out in the Comanche manuals special service instructions. It is a 2-ounce tube, adequate for 3 transmission services. I include 3 o-rings with the grease purchase; $93.00. Dukes number 4 lubricant [#4 lubricant], aka Dukes grease no 2196-74-1; according to Dukes these 2 specifications are the same. FYI - Dukes instituted a minimum purchase per invoice of $475 back in 2010 after the company was purchased and all the prices increased.



Landing Gear Strut Housings.

includes modified brackets
includes modified bracket

Pictured is S&B Industry's repair to a left side "heavy" strut housing. This specific housing is for the "round" switch version; the rectangular switch version gets converted to this configuration and requires a modified landing gear wiring harness which I can also provide. Here are some of the strut housing part numbers referenced: 20752-012, 27053-004, 27052-013, 27053-05, 20752-008, 20753-000, 20752-009, 27053-000, 27053-001.

Click on the photo above to see the opposite view.

S&B Industries repair to a right side "heavy" strut housing. This repair solves the cracked strut problem; read strut crack

Click on the photo above to see the opposite view.

I usually have these repaired strut housings in stock; they are sold exchange-only with acceptable core.

If you are looking for replacement fuel cap rubber cups, try Shaw Aero in Naples, Florida. FWIW I have never been successful purchasing from them; maybe you'll have better luck.

Sun Visors by Dr. Steve DeGroff

in a 400 Comanche

Click on the photo above for another view.

Click here for how to order.

Below, a testimonial.


Got the visors, installed them & they fit nicely. You have a very quality product "SAMPLE". It would be hard for me to reproduce as nicely as you have done.

Thanks for your service.



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