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  • Landing Gear Wiring Harness
    Better than the factory made them - properly marked wires in PVC or silicone-coated sleeves. All wires have been terminated at the proper lengths for faster, easier installation. Available for PA24-180, 250, 260, 400, and PA30/39 models.
  • Cannon Plug Wiring Assembly
    This Applies to All Comanche Singles From S/N 24-2202 Forward and All 400s.
  • Engine Baffles
    The engine baffles are made from scratch using new material, except one piece from your old baffle which is required for "repair" status.
  • Engine baffles note: these are most likely not available when you want them so I suggest that you plan ahead. My current back log is about 25, although this is highly unusual its because I've just been really busy.
  • Indicator Lights Kits: Landing Gear; Fuel Pump; Stall Warning
    Try these mil-spec indicators; they provide a bulb-test feature; available dimmable or non-dimmable with color options.
  • Parts Department
    Mostly NS [new serviceable] aka NOS [new old stock]. This is where you can view what I have available, pictures and part numbers.

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