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Rams horn style yokes.

I usually have a set of rams horn type yokes on hand, refurbished and ready to install. FYI, the Comanche tube size is 1-5/8". Call to check availability.

Navajo control wheel

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. This is the Navajo type control wheel, AKA rams horn style. The center medallion shown in this photo is the original Piper style, very handsome but more difficult to fine new; I haven't seen a new one in a couple years so don't get excited. Wentworth Aircraft sells a copy of the newer style Piper medallion.

Above is a late-style Cheyenne control wheel; handsome and my favorite. The center medallion shown in this photo is custom made as are the thumb covers. These are NOS and when they're gone they're gone. I found a stash of 50 of these many years ago. All sold as of 2015.


damaged holes welded
Heli-Coil reoair alaso available
The damaged holes have been welded.
Same holes rethreaded; they use #2-56 screws.

Occasionally the little brass screws for the thumb covers don't like to come out easily. If you have a broken screw, here is what has to happen to repair it to the original size. Sometimes you can drill out the broken screw and HeliCoil® the threads to the 2-56 size; however if the holes are beyond repair then you grind out the area and fill with new material by welding. Then using a template drill new holes and tap for the 2-56 threads. Note, If you have an adapter for an auto pilot, those use #4-40 threads. See the photos below.

switch adapter for auto pilot
adapter with trim switch
This grip uses #4-40 threads to accomodate the auto pilot switch adapter.
Auto pilot switch adapter with trim switch for the rams horn yoke.

See also the link Electrical Misc, trim switch repairs.

Instructions - to make control wheel removal and installation a snap, well - almost.

Photo - Navajo yoke.

Photo - Comanche rams horn type. These are NLA from Piper; and difficult to find used.

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