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Piper Comanche - Service Bulletin & Service Letter Indexes. Service Bulletins & Service Letters.

Piper Comanche PA24, PA30/39 Service Letters.

If you want a SL or SB posted just let me know.I

SL-315 - Landing Gear - “latest inspection and adjustment procedure” circa 1959. Note - I see mistakes in this.

SL-447 - Inspection of Landing Gear Transmission Retract Spring; all models.

SL-650 - Inspection of Landing Gear Retraction and Flap Control Transmission Assemblies. Read this, there is a mention here about defective Dukes transmissions on page 2.

SL-667A - Stabilator attachment bolts. Here you’ll find an interesting note about the correct torque value for the twin on page 3.

SL-751 - Fin front spar modification; singles.

SL-596A - Nose gear aligner guide bracket.

SL-370 - Modification to engine breather line

Piper Inspection Report for Single Comanches. This isn't a letter or bulletin; However I thought a good place to post it.


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