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Stall Warning Repair

stall warning board and flasher

This particular "repair" may use a [non-standard] 2-conductor connector in place of the knife terminals normally found in this assembly.

Repair description - for the singles.

Video - an attempt to show the ancient technology inside of this "flasher" unit; you'll have to look very closely to see it.

Photo - stall warning circuit boards, before and after repair.

Twin Comanche

This photo shows the location of the "flashers" in the twins; they use the same Tung-Sol "flasher" P/N 460-901 for the throttle and gear warning, and the stall warning.

Electronic Flasher

This comes from an individual who has solved the problem [including the pricing problem] associated with the original ancient technology of this flasher unit; he designed an electronic conversion which fits inside the flasher housing, undetected.

He writes, "This is an epoxy-encapsulated circuit which fits neatly inside the original Tung-Sol housing. The output transistor rated at 1 amp is capable of driving the stall light or the gear warning light and a low-current audio device such as a Sonalert®. It works great. The price is $30.00 for the internals – instructions included; or $45.00 if you send your flasher housing for the conversion. The Price includes return shipping. One caveat - as you would expect this modification is not FAA approved. Contact Bill, email "

Comanche Gear disclaimer - I'm posting this to help Comanche and owners of other older Pipers.

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