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Twin Comanche Engine Baffle P/N 23977-009 $675 each

This left rear baffle asm 23977-009 for the Twin Comanche is fabricated from all new materials with the exception of a small portion of your old baffle which satisfies the FAA “repair” language.

Click here to read the Brochure for more complete description and information about ordering.

This is the baffle where the oil cooler mounts. NLA from Piper. After 45 years of service they can be pretty deteriorated.

Glossy black powder coat

Glossy black


glossy gray powder coat

Glossy gray


"chrome" powder coat

Here's a pair in chrome powder coat


prior to powder coating

And here's a naked pair


fitting to wide deck case

Wide deck engine with nearly finished baffle

You get to locate and drill the hole in the mounting tab where it attaches to the crankcase

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