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200 knots TAS @ 11,500'

260 nose gear operation

400 engine start

400 take-off from APF

Slim Dredger's piano concert

Frozen rod end bearing at MLG

Greasing a rod end bearing

Inadequate conduit pre-load

Landing gear motor operation

landing gear motor running

Loose bearing in flap transmission

Loose bearing in gear transmission_1

Loose bearing in gear transmission_2

Loose bearing in gear transmission_3

Loose rod end bearing at MLG

Loose bushing in side brace support 1

Loose bushing in side brace support 2

Wiring harness sleeving types

Cruisin at fifteen-five - and still showing a bit more than 195 mph true.


Nose gear drag links

Stall warning repair

The Bermuda Triangle mystery solved

Wire marking



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