Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

I can supply the components involved, the thick-wall aligner P/N: 21719-011 either NOS or good used serviceable fresh TYPE I cadmium plated, the steering arm P/N: 21714-000 is EXCHANGE, both have been properly reamed per the SL. The NAS bolts [ NAS 1303-8H ] are available. The steering bellcrank P/N: 21708-000 with new bushings installed is also available EXCHANGE which has been repaired by Webco Aircraft 21708-000, or send yours to them for repair. This is an important element, if yours has worn spots it needs attention. Also note the pivot bolt in the photo is installed correctly, upside-down, otherwise removal would require raising the engine from its mounts.

Not mentioned in the SL-596A is the upper tube assembly P/N: 21707-000. This component can suffer from sheared bolts.

See the following under P/N: 21707-000

How to easily identify the thick wall aligner 21719-011

The welds are on the inside of the aligner 21719-011; the thin wall 21719-005 welds are on the outside.

Click on image below to open the Piper Service Letter 596A (SL-596A)


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