Resetting Landing Gear Transmission After Manual Extension

This issue is not well-addressed in the Comanche service manuals. The following describes a really simple method for you to follow.

  1. Airplane on jacks and wheels off the ground.
  2. Assuming the gear is down. 30-amp gear motor and 5-amp gear solenoid and indicator lights circuit breakers closed; switch the master to “on”; gear select switch in the down position; make sure you have a green light indication.
  3. Now pull aft on the manual extension lever which will open the down-limit switches thus telling the gear motor solenoid that the gear is not down and the motor will then operate in the extension mode. When you are close to the alignment position [not fully down] that you desire, release the lever which will turn off the solenoid and motor. If you went too far in the down-mode; momentarily switch the retraction switch to the “up” position.
  4. Next switch the master to “off”. Reconnect the transmission to the cross link between the torque arms by pulling the extension lever to align, then closing the latch. Switching the master on will now extend the gear and you must again have a green light indication. The gear should now operate normally.

The reason the motor wouldn’t run when you were tying to reset it before you asked the question “what’s up?”; the down limit switches were telling the gear  solenoid that the gear was already down and the motor won’t operate when it’s already down and the gear locked over-center.

* Shouldn’t would be a good word to use here in place of won’t!

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