Fuel Quantity Indicator Selector Service

If you are experiencing a problem with the Fuel Quantity Indicator Selector system located as part of the fuel valve protector plate, here is a service to replace the switches and wiring with new. An included addition to make removal and installation easier is a receptacle/plug connector set, see the photo below. No longer do you have to deal with damaging the protector plate during annual, just un-plug it and get it out of the way. Additionally included is 1’ of each wire on the airframe side of the connector.

There are 2 ways to handle this.

  1. Send your old protector plate assembly to me and I will refurbish with new switches and wiring.
  2. I will send to you a new switches assembly and you install into your protector plate. The service includes a complete installation manual with diagrams, photographs, and a suggested log book entry.

One-day turn-around; $80 plus parts. The fuel quantity over–ride switches, are not expensive – $17.50 each. The wafer switch, called the selector switch, is $169.39. Those prices will change when Piper thinks it’s necessary.

System with Single Gauge in Panel - 400

New switches assembled with properly-marked MS22759 wire, and assembled into connector set; makes life slightly more simple.

Fuel Quantity Indicator Selector Wiring Diagram

Example of a wiring diagram supplied with the installation manual