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New security lock assembly.
Owner-produced paperwork required.

I have finally completed the 2nd batch of the security lock components portion of the Piper kit P/N 760-627 for all Comanche models. This security lock kit adds the safety feature found in the “C” model production and those Comanches with subsequent installation of the kit. The advantage of this installation is, should one ever have to perform a manual gear extension, the worry about a gear collapse is essentially removed and that pre-landing and rollout stress factor likewise. All Comanches should have this feature; Piper was just a little too late to this party.

The installation is not difficult with the transmission assembly removed. Drill 5 holes, install rivets, install the components, adjust per instructions, reinstall the transmission, cycle the gear twice, and that’s it. Two hours with previous access.

The proper placards are all reproduced just as the original; likewise, the manual supplements and instructions will be included.

The price is $500; the components were a bit pricey to duplicate. They are a dead-ringer for the Piper pieces with the exception of my lock asm which is Type 1 [clear] cadmium plated instead of painted black like Piper’s. Owner-produced paperwork is required to cover my F-double-A rear.

Scenario – If you were to experience a landing gear collapse, consider the embarrassment, inconvenience, financial loss, and loss of use of your airplane. If not a total loss; 3 months to fix the airframe, engine[s], and prop[s]. Additionally, you’ll have damage to the landing gear transmission [I can explain]; the nose gear left rear drag link will be bent and these are becoming difficult to locate. If your airplane was a virgin, now it will have a “tarnished reputation” and a lower value than one never damaged. There will be resale resistance when compared to a virgin. The question is, will it be correctly repaired and adjusted so that you are confident of the result? Not a lot of shops really understand the landing gear system intimately enough to perform this. Almost no parts are available from Piper.

Security lock components Piper kit PN 760-627 Schema
Security lock components Piper kit PN 760-627 Photo 1

Security lock components checklist for all PA24-180 and PA24-250 / 400 /260C / TWINS of the Piper kit P/N 760-627

Security lock components Piper kit PN 760-627 Photo 2

Security lock components of the Piper kit P/N 760-627

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