I have written an instruction manual to cover this task; 71 pages with more information than you probably want to know. Lots of color photos, assembly drawing inserts, pages of part numbers utilized right down to the cotter pins. $100 and I guarantee it will educate you and your mechanic/technician.

  • 1000-hour AD 77.13.21 You already have or can easily obtain a copy of this AD. The contents of this link are my recommendations for better understanding of the scope of this critical operation; there is more to it than you think. Referenced in this AD is SL-782 which is addressed below.
  • TOOL LOAN for R&R of the mount bushings at the aft ends of the nose gear drag links. Includes instructions with photographs, tool components, reamer, and flex hone. $25 – another bargain that will save you grief.
  • SL-782B AMOC – Alternate Means of Compliance to SL-782. We can thank our fellow Comanche enthusiast Mr. Gregory L. Wilcox for his efforts to correct this oversight. Reasoning: the AD 77.13.21 stated SL-782, not 782A and not 782B.
  • Hans Neubert, from Kah-li-forn-yah [he’s on the right – you’re left – in the photo], has produced and sells a DVD covering the inspection portion of the above AD. Boy am I a lousy photographer, I’ll get a better one when he’s not looking; sorry Hans.