This page is simply contains some hints and encouragement for you when the opportunity arises to tackle the firewall refurbishment. This opportunity typically arises when the engine is removed, take advantage of that time.

From personal experience the Koolmat product was the best temperature amelioration and sound-reducer improvement I have performed. I’ve tried thick windows, and super sound-proofing, however I’ve not had the opportunity to install and test [yet] the kits available from the ICS advertiser Soundex Products.

See also the “cannon plug” page; this is also the time to incorporate that service.

Photographs #1 thru #4 illustrate a product available from Koolmat.

The adhesive to use with the KoolMat is 3M Super Trim Adhesive, P/N 08090. A contact adhesive designed for bonding vinyl tops, heavyweight headliners and hood silencer pads where high strength and heat resistance are needed.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

337 Koolmat Front

337 Koolmat Rear

Photographs #5 thru #7 illustrate a product available from Aircraft Spruce.

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7