This MS25041-6 red mil-spec indicator installs in the panel at the original or any location convenient and viewable in scan for the pilot. Its purpose is a better indicator light for the stall warning operation. Operation of the bulb-test function is not available during stall function due to the design of the stall circuit, and that would not be the appropriate time to test the bulb anyway! The bulb-test function operates normally otherwise which is activated by depressing the lens; no dim function is required in this application.

The kit contents include complete requirements for the installation: the MS25041-6 red [non-dimmable] indicator properly assembled with MS22759/16-20 Tefzel wire marked using the Kingsley hot-stamp process. PVC sleeves to cover the knife disconnects, nylon cable ties for security, instructions and schematic are also included. Expect an experienced installer to do the installation in 1/2 to 1-1/2 hours.

Stall Warning Indictor Light

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