This Stall Warning Repair is temporarily unavailable. Reason, I had to sell my mule to compensate for an unrepairable board.

If you have one, I am interested in purchasing it from you. Please contact me.

This particular “repair” may use a [non-standard] 2-conductor connector in place of the knife terminals normally found in this assembly.

Contact me with any questions about availability or servicing these stall warning units.

stall circuit repair

Stall Warning Circuit Board and Flasher

If your stall warning does not “flash”, the flasher unit may be inoperative or a problem with the circuit board.

Send the “Tung-Sol” flasher with the circuit board [singles] to me; I will refurbish and test the stall circuit board and flasher.

That includes disassemble, clean in ultrasonic bath, new properly-marked wires, reassemble, and test. Doing this will at least eliminate that portion from the troubleshooting and assure yours is operative; YT included. One-day turn-around; $60.

The “Tung-Sol” flashers are very expensive new and difficult to find. A later Piper flasher is available but not approved.

I can even provide an mpeg on a disc of the “test” operation but you need to request that or I may forget.

Stall warning circuit board, before and after

Stall warning circuit board, before and after.

stall circuit board #28

The stall circuit board #28 is mounted onto the circuit breaker panel. This illustration applies to the 250s, 260s [except C model], and 400s.

An attempt to show the ancient technology inside of this “flasher” unit; you’ll have to look very closely to see it.

This photo shows the location of the “flashers” in the twins; they use the same Tung-Sol “flasher” P/N 460-901 for the throttle and gear warning, and the stall warning.

Electronic Flasher

This comes from an individual who has solved the problem [including the pricing problem] associated with the original ancient technology of this flasher unit; he designed an electronic conversion which fits inside the flasher housing, undetected.

He writes;

“This is an epoxy-encapsulated circuit which fits neatly inside the original Tung-Sol housing. The output transistor rated at 1 amp is capable of driving the stall light or the gear warning light and a low-current audio device such as a Sonalert®. It works great. The price is $30.00 for the internals – instructions included; or $45.00 if you send your flasher housing for the conversion. The Price includes return shipping. One caveat – as you would expect this modification is not FAA approved. Contact Bill via onepropbird -at-”

Comanche Gear disclaimer – I’m posting this to help Comanche and owners of other older Pipers.

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