NOTE – I no longer supply these components or in kit form. Someone figured out those little screws and nuts are valuable and I would rather stay out of the high-price competition. I do have a surplus of the screws if you would like to purchase those, $5 each.

Save a bunch; buy this kit.

The photo below shows the content of the Hi-Shear Rivet Kits; however this is not how Piper packages their kits. Their P/N 760-835 “HI-SHEAR RIVET REPLACEMENT” as described in their literature states materials required for one fitting; the kit I provide, pictured above, is for all four fittings including the cover plates; i.e. one kit for the entire airframe, not four kits @ $176.98 each [w/o cover plates] as you would from Piper. This is Piper’s recommended method; not an AMOC. The prevailing wisdom is to do all four at one time, rather than as necessary. If you’re tempted to repair only the loose one[s], would logic not suggest the others will follow?

Another small mention; at the February 2009 Laughlin, Nevada fly-in we discovered one 400 Comanche with loose rivets in the tail cone bulkhead. That condition was discovered during the inspection for loose stabilator bearings and/or loose rivets in the mounting blocks.

760-835 Hi-Shear Rivet Replacement

760-835 Hardware Only

760-835 hardware requirements

760-835 hardware requirements

760-835 hardware requirements, bagged

760-835 hardware requirements, bagged

Per the photos above; $NLA adequate for one airframe

760-835 Cover Plates

760-835 Cover Plates Inside

View from inside

760-835 Cover Plates Outside

View from outside; stabilator removed

These photos show how to determine whether the Piper method of compliance has been accomplished. You’re looking for the riveted cover plate as the above photos illustrate.

More Stabilator Trivia


According to the Piper Service Manuals the repair to this stabilator is illegal. Repairs are limited to replacement of complete skin sections, ribs, hinges, spars, etc. and paint. No filler materials are allowed on all movable tail surfaces. This photo shows a patch to the outboard aft area. See sections 4-47 and 4-48 [ref SCSM] Structural Repairs.

Click here for a compilation of information; some trim mechanism details and recommended torque values for the stabilator mounting bolts.

torque tube and horn before

Torque Tube and Horn Before

torque tube and horn after

Torque Tube and Horn After

Click here for one process for treatment of the torque tube and horn.

SL-667A – Stabilator attachment bolts.
Here you’ll find an interesting note about the correct torque value for the twin on page 3.

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