Grease Mixing Instructions

How to make a $750 tub of 2196-74-1 Dukes grease for $50!

Use this grease in both the Dukes and Dura transmissions; the “No Substitution” mentioned in the service manuals “Special Instructions” is meant for the Dukes.


Start with a clean quart-size paint can with a lid. Empty the contents of a 14-ounce tube of Aeroshell 64 into the can [use your spatula here too], then slowly add 4 tablespoons of MoS2 powder [eBay and Amazon] a little at a time [sprinkle it, don’t just dump it] stir to mix well, folding and mixing with a paint stirrer. Scrape the sides and bottom with your spatula and stir some more. Next with an electric mixer, use slow speed and continue mixing until it’s homogeneous. Use your spatula again and stir some more. Add 3-1/2 oz of the Mobil DTE ISO 32 / SAE 10 oil. This is the same oil specified for the gearbox of my lathe; and available in 4-oz bottles from McMaster, you’ll have to scroll down to P/N: 1244K14. They also have 1- and 5-gallons containers.

You’ll see that some oil will separate after a while [a couple weeks]. Just stir again with a paint stick or tongue depressor and it seems fine. Keep the tongue depressor in the can with the lid. Use a Q-tip to grease the needle bearing in the Dukes transmissions after disassembling and cleaning the housing.

The minimum 10% by volume specified in the Mooney bulletin is exceeded somewhat by using 4 tablespoons of MoS2. I did the math a while ago and now don’t precisely recall the conversion from the grams perspective. I used my triple-beam balance but decided it was too complicated each time. I figured the relationship and then just eye-balled the relative volume with a beaker; that’s how I arrived at the 4-tablespoon proportion.

Hope this helps!
Matt Kurke

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