11-88. SEVERE WIND AND MOISTURE PROBLEMS (SWAMP). Areas such as wheel wells, wing fold and pylons, flap areas, and those areas exposed to extended weather shall dictate selection and will require special consideration. Insulation or jacketing will vary according to the environment. Suitable wire types selected from MILW-22759 shall be used in these applications. (See table 11-11.) Suitable wire types selected from MIL-W-22759 are preferred for
areas that require repeated bending and flexing of the wire. Consideration should be made to areas that require frequent component removal or repair. (See table 11-11.)

11-96. WIRING REPLACEMENT. Wiring must be replaced with equivalent wire (see paragraph 11-78) when found to have any of the following defects:

a. Wiring that has been subjected to chafing or fraying, that has been severely damaged, or that primary insulation is suspected of being penetrated.

b. Wiring on which the outer insulation is brittle to the point that slight flexing causes it to crack.

c. Wiring having weather-cracked outer insulation.

11-167. SPLICING

C. There should not be more than one splice in any one wire segment between any two connectors or other disconnect points, except when attaching to the spare pigtail lead of a potted connector, to splice multiple wires to a single wire, to adjust wire size to fit connector contact crimp barrel size, and to make an approved repair. [Reference MIL-W-5088, now AS50881A, AND NAVAIR 01-1A-505.]

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