I am available to perform the landing gear push-pull cables [aka conduits] installation on your Comanche at your site or in my hangar in Naples, FL. At the same time you might also consider the installation of the landing gear wiring harnesses if not previously replaced, see below.

The labor for replacing and adjusting the conduits is $1050 which includes all the hardware and other stuff [see photo next page] required that don’t come with the conduits as purchased or offered for that matter. Count on 1-1/2 days for me to do one conduit installation complete with the required gear post-procedure adjustments as outlined in the Piper Comanche Service Manual.

For the sake of efficiency please have the following completed before my arrival [makes me sound pretty important doesn’t it!]. Remove the front seats, inboard seat belts, carpet, and inboard seat tracks [obviously you’ll remove all 4 seat tracks if they are on top of the carpet]. The floor center section panels need to be removed from the transmission area back to and including the panel above the fuel selector valve[s], but leave the left and right floor panels in place for structural reasons. Some early single airframes do not have an access panel below the fuel selector valve. On those airframes the floor section above needs to be removed and that can mean drilling to remove the rivets. Access to the castle nuts aft of the bulkhead where the conduits reside is required; either from inside the fuselage or outside. See the photo on the bottom of the next page.

The rear bench-type seat should either be removed from the airplane or moved into the baggage area, and remove the insulation blanket if it is still there. You may have to remove the rear seat arm rests to extract the seat. If you have individual rear seats they must be removed also, likewise the pan below each seat needs to be removed. Again, access to the conduits behind the spar is required.

Landing Gear Wiring Harness Installation

The above criterion does not apply when replacing the wiring harnesses. The typical Comanche landing gear electrical harness-related malfunction is a delayed gear-down GREEN light or no GREEN light. Another, but less-common malfunction [non-harness related] is the gear-up AMBER light or an open 30amp circuit breaker. Also consider that it’s probably the time to replace the harness and switches due to age; an original can be a very scary thing to look at. If you are so inclined, crawl under there and examine those harnesses. Don’t ignore a potential contributing factor to a gear-up landing.

The cost for a rectangular switch kit is $645; $1099 to $1162 for the round switch versions, plus installation. Installation labor for the rectangular switch versions is $400, $350 for the round switch versions, and a miller twin adds $50 because of poor access to the nose gear. The advantages for you are guaranteed correct installation, and assured pricing with no learning-curve surprises to affect you. Installation usually requires 6 to 7 hours. Expect an FBO first-timer to double this time spent, and would be difficult for someone to estimate without experience.

The minimum equipment requirements at your installation site: a hangar with hard-surfaced floor, electricity, extension cords; lights, a fan, jacks, and adequate tail weight. Lots of happy customers, and references available.

FBO tooling and parts components

Bagged Hardware Plus Other Components Included

Special Wrench used to Tighten the Castle Nuts

Special Wrench used to Tighten the Castle Nuts.
See my note above about “Early Single Airframes”

Teflon Chafe Strips at the Spar

Note the Teflon Chafe Strips at the Spar

Landing Gear Wiring Harness Kit

Landing Gear Wiring Harness Kit

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