Comanche owners:

I am available to perform the landing gear wiring harness installation on your Comanche at your site or in Naples, FL. If you are considering taking advantage of this opportunity please call me to make those arrangements.

The typical Comanche landing gear electrical malfunction is a delayed geardown GREEN light or no GREEN light. Also consider that it’s probably the time to replace the harness and switches due to age; an original can be a scary thing to look at. If you are so inclined, crawl under there and examine those harnesses. Don’t ignore a potential contributing factor to a gear-up landing.

At the time of this writing, the cost for a rectangular-switch kit [as pictured below] is $645 plus installation. The round-switch versions are $1099 to $1162 plus installation. Installation labor is $350 for the round-switch versions [Miller twins add $50] and $400 for the rectangular-switch versions. The advantages for you are guaranteed correct installation, and assured pricing with no learning curve surprises to affect you. Installation usually requires 6 to 7 hours. Expect an FBO first-timer to easily double this time spent, and would be difficult for someone to estimate without experience. The manual included with the kit is very descriptive and will make installation for anyone much simpler than going-it-alone.

The minimum equipment requirements at your installation site: a hangar with hard-surfaced floor, electricity, lights, a fan or heat as necessary, jacks, and adequate tail weight.

Give me a call soon; lots of happy customers, and references available.
Best regards, Matt Kurke, A&P, ICS – 10288

Landing Gear Wiring Harness Kit

Landing Gear Wiring Harness Kit

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