I can supply the upper tube assembly P/N: 21707-000; these have become scarce in serviceable condition. The sheared turn stop can be repaired, there is an FAA-approved shop in Wisconsin providing this service. I usually have their repaired tubes in stock, EXCHANGE ONLY, on repairable cores NOT CRACKED.

See Service Letter SL-596A

I have 12 cracked cores, Webco Aircraft says they have 25 of them. Someone has to step up and make a repair available, probably the owner-produced type.

Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

These holes were damaged from inadequate torque on the old-style AN3 bolts. One cause is from paint thickness fretting, a thin coat of primer only is allowed between mating components [this applies to multiple applications]. The NAS bolts, which are high strength, associated with SL-596A will help avoid this situation.

Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

Fixture to properly tap for Heli-Coil inserts

Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

The bushing for the steering damper P/N: 452-379 [old 21835-004] is typically worn, the one in the photo is cracked. I have these in stock; note the bushing must be reamed to 0.250″ after installation.

Also note the loosely-installed torque link bushing, these [in pair] will need to be replaced and reamed to 0.3125″ also.

Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

Sheared turn stop weld repair

Piper Service Letter SL-596A, NAS 1303-8H, 21719-011

Repair of sheared turn stop, awaiting torque link bushings installation and reaming

Example of cracked tube 21707-000

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P/N 21707-000 typical cracked tube

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