Let’s take a look at the tables in sections 6-58 SCSM & 7-49 TCSM “checking landing gear retraction load”. The charts’ purpose is to accommodate for various torque wrenches. The maximum-allowed “retraction load” is what we are looking for; that’s the combined resistance of everything involved from gravity to poor lubrication. The RED “A” has been added to associate with the Snap-On® “torque computer” illustrations found on the following pages. 185 ft-lbs maximum is the value Piper is trying to convey.

The question arose; with a longer “arm” shouldn’t the required force be lessened? It seems incongruent so I studied the apparent mistake a bit and initially came up with a wrong answer; inconsistent values. Later it dawned on me; those results follow. Take a look at the “ft-lbs” results on page 3; those values are consistent @ 185 ft-lbs, which makes sense.

Moving on to the practical. Fielding many questions regarding the landing gear gives me the advantage of gathering information. I have found that even with an airplane passing this retraction test, the common complaint is failure to fully retract without popping the 30-amp gear motor CB; even with good maintenance. The solution fortunately is simple and available, installing Webco’s PMA push-pull landing gear cables. The problem then just goes away. A small point to remember, Piper changed the gear motor circuit breaker from 25 amps to 30 amps in the singles; see SL-356 dated March 31, 1961.

So do we want to do battle over the chart and its numbers or by-pass this sticking point and just replace a non-serviced item since new with a better product, the cables? I’m for the new cables.

And thanks for enduring another discourse from me,

Table V1-1 Torque for Effective Wrench Length

These illustrations below are actual results using Piper’s chart from the discussion in this article.

Effective Wrench Length Figure-1
Effective Wrench Length Figure-2
Effective Wrench Length Figure-3

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