Help Requested – Aft Bulkhead Cracks

Requested by: Jim Baird

Subject: Twin Comanche Fuselage Aft Bulkhead Inspection

Reference: Piper Service Letter SL-679

Brief: The Comanche fleet suffers from unavailability of parts from time to time; this is one area falling under that header. The referenced SL-679 specifies Piper kit P/N 760-783 as the remedy for the bulkhead cracking. That kit is unavailable and Piper wishes to stay uninvolved. Without the repair to the cracked bulkhead, the airplane is grounded.

Request: We need someone who has the original paperwork as supplied in the Piper kit P/N 760-782 to loan that original paperwork so we can copy it; the original will be returned. Or if someone has the complete kit and would be so kind as to loan it. Someone will surely appreciate the availability of this repair.

Pursuit: We will attempt to have the components of the kit duplicated and made available.

Contact: Matt Kurke

Please contact me, Matt Kurke, if you can help or know someone who may.

Twin Comanche Fuselage Aft Bulkhead Cracks