Landing Gear Strut Housings Left Side

Pictured is S&B Industry’s repair to a left side “heavy” strut housing. This specific housing is for the “round” switch version; the rectangular switch version gets converted to this configuration and requires a modified landing gear wiring harness which I can also provide. Here are some of the strut housing part numbers referenced: 20752-012, 27053-004, 27052-013, 27053-05, 20752-008, 20753-000, 20752-009, 27053-000, 27053-001.

Landing Gear Strut Housings Right Side

S&B Industries repair to a right side “heavy” strut housing. This repair solves the cracked strut problem; read strut crack

Landing Gear Strut Housings Right Side Back

S&B Industries repair to a right side (rear) “heavy” strut housing. This repair solves the cracked strut problem; read strut crack

I no longer stock these repaired strut housings; I have pissed off Bruce at S&B Industries so you will have to suffer the down-time waiting for him to repair your strut.

I do have a pair of the later struts 27053-000 & 27053-001 as used on the latest PA-39, and in the service kits which are NLA. These struts are properly refinished in Matterhorn white and have the correct brackets [cadmium plated] and new placards included. I have installed the orifice tube which has been disassembled and cleaned, also included is the strut seal kit and cadmium-plated installation hardware.

Strut [oleo] housing; these are sometimes incorrectly called “Trunnions”. FYI – the word “Trunnion” appears one time in each of the Single and Twin Piper Comanche Service Manuals; in reference to a bushing [item #31] in the nose gear strut housing.

  • The infamous strut crack and how to reduce the probability it will become a large problem. See the following link immediately below.
  • Inset – From Piper assembly drawing showing detail of the bracket installation at the strut housing. The bracket is the attachment for the MLG assist spring. The MLG assist spring is supposed to be replaced at every bungee change.

Photo #1 – It’s easy to spot the crack if you know where to look.


Photo #2 – New and old style strut housings.


Photo #3 – A really lousy landing makes for a bad day too.


Photo #4 – This one was terminal for a 400.


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