Note to me – Insert seminar handout here if possible – a huge file.

The seminars I present or co-present are usually safety and maintenance oriented. There are usually organized by a Tribe Chief, but not always. Ron Davis, just a plain old [sorry Ron] Comanche driver did a beautiful job of organizing a seminar in Heber Springs, Arkansas in March of 2007.

A seminar can present an opportunity for some work [for me] and play for all attendees. While traveling to or from the seminar site I can add jobs to the trip thus lowering my travel expenses incurred which are shared by those interested. The fuel cost for my 400 is paid to and from the seminar site by the Comanche Flyer Foundation and the International Comanche Society. If someone tags onto this trip obviously the fuel to deviate from my direct route would be minimal, but that portion of the expense would be added to the cost of whatever service you require. Call me for details and/or clarification. Other responsibilities include food and shelter.

The typical services are installation of the landing gear wiring harness kit, installation of the landing gear push-pull cables [AKA conduits], and the stabilator inspection and stabilator trim repair.

Here is a nice report from the April 04 seminar in Brooksville, FL.

“Bruce — Thank you and Chris for hosting the great Fly-In at Hernando County Airport last Saturday. Matt did a wonderful and thorough job. He held everyone’s attention with his expertise. It was great seeing other Comanche members and their airplanes, and it always seems to end too soon. Thanks again, Chuck & Marilyn”

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