NOTE: From the sketch below there are supposed to be washers in place as follows; One under the Bolt Head [but why?], and two before the nut; please confirm this during installation.

The object is to have the bolt shank protrude from the assembly only so the shank is barely visible; thus the two washers are placed before the nut so as to avoid the nut from bottoming on the bolt before the assembly is “tightened”. Additionally do not over-torque the nut; over-torque will result in compressing the bushing and thus seizing the rollers; same rule here as for your bungee rollers. Ref. Piper Assembly Drawing P/N 26351 if you have available; I do not.

The Rollers and Spacers are Owner Produced Parts

Nylon Delrin 485-184 Flap Track Rollers Assembly

24x – 485-184 | #30 Flap Roller
12x – 14976-072 | #40 Flap Bushing
12x – AN3-11A | #60 Bolt
36x – AN960-3 | #38 Washer
12x – MS21045-3 | Nut

Lubricate flap track with Dupont’s All Purpose Slip Spray No. 6611. Flap rollers and tracks require cleaning and lubrication after exposure to an abnormal quantity of water, mud, etc. Flaps with Nylon rollers will not require lubrication on either flap tracks or rollers (for lubrication of early models (PA-24-180 and PA-24-250) Flap hinges, refer to figure 2-25.

Piper Service Manual Sketch C

The above inserts copied from the Piper Comanche Service Manual offer seemingly contradictory instructions.

The flap rollers I make are made of DuPont Delrin® which is self-lubricating thus no additional lubrication is required.

  • 485-184 – flap roller, nylon
  • 26343-00 – flap roller, nylon
  • 24363-000 – flap roller, nylon
  • 14976-072 – bushing, flap roller

The following is copied from

The extensive use of DELRIN® acetal resin as a bearing material has developed because of its combination of low coefficient of friction with self-lubricating properties, good mechanical properties and dimensional stability in many chemical media.

Nylon Delrin 485-184 Flap Track Rollers Parts

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