Engine Compartment Cannon Plug

All 260 Comanches

Plan ahead for your firewall-forward project or upgrade, a great addition at engine change or restoration. Re-wire the engine compartment cannon plug from the firewall forward with Tefzel® MIL-W-22759 and Tefzel® shielded wire MIL-C-27500.

The wires are properly marked for circuit identification with the Kingsley equipment just as done at the Piper factory and soldered into the pin receptacles at the plug then assembled with hightemp silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve insulation for the various harness bundles. This makes a neat and finished-looking job, much better than when Piper supplied it.

The following is a list of the involved components: fuel pump, oil temperature, nose landing gear switch, alternator, voltage regulator, starter relay, and magnetos.

The charge for this option to the landing gear wiring harness is $250. New connector kits for the 600 series Bendix magnetos are optional; $109.25 for the three required. The Slick and 1200 series Bendix magnetos use ring-tongue terminals. A new cannon plug housing adds $50.00.

The 260C model uses a different cannon plug part number.

Typical 260 cannon plug, with new limit switch

Typical 260 Comanche Rewired Cannon Plug Assembly with New Light Switch

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