Engine Compartment Cannon Plug

Comanche singles from S/N 24-2202 forward, and all 400 Comanche

Re-wire the engine compartment side of the cannon plug at the firewall with Tefzel® MIL-W-22759 and Tefzel® shielded wire MIL-C-27500. The wires are properly marked for circuit identification with the Kingsley® equipment just as done at the Piper factory and soldered into the pin receptacles at the plug then assembled with PIF-200 high-temp silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve insulation for the various harness bundles. Each termination is properly tagged [see the yellow and/or orange tags] per use. This makes an attractive and finished-looking job, much better than when Piper supplied it.

The following is a list of the involved components: fuel pump, oil temperature, nose landing gear switch, starter relay, magnetos, original Piper® auto pilot, and cylinder head temp.

The charge for this option to the complete harness kit is $250, or $300 with the InterAv or Plane Power alternator conversions.

New connector kits for the 600 series Bendix magnetos are optional; $109.25 for the three required. The Slick and 1200 series Bendix magnetos use ring-tongue terminals. Exchange switch actuators are $25 each with fresh cadmium plating.

250 Comanche Rewired Cannon Plug Assembly

Typical 250 Comanche Rewired Cannon Plug Assembly