A little boring history, these fuel selector valve and strainer assemblies were originally manufactured by Airborne Mechanisms in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shaw Aero Devices here in Naples purchased the rights; subsequently Parker Hannifin bought Shaw Aero Devices in 2007. I was contacted by Shaw a couple years ago when there were having difficulty with their new Twin Comanche valve; I assisted in a small way.

When I asked in turn for a “favor“, regarding the parts breakdown on the 400 valve to possibly have replacement parts available, guess where that went.

Parker [Shaw] manufactures the new SS valves for the twins; they make no mention of the 400 valve – I tried.

PA24-400 Fuel Selector Valve
Shown partially assembled

PA24-400 Fuel Selector Valve
Shown assembled

This one has an illegal modification, the addition of a spacer to accommodate the shorter Twin Comanche stainless steel bowl. I have the original bowls available, freshly cadmium plated. The SS bowl is not flat-bottom; this is better because it directs water to the drain instead of cornering it aft in the flat-bottom bowl. If you want this mod, do like the owner of this one did, install it yourself.

PA-24-400 Fuel Valve and Filter Cutaway

Problems to Watch For

If yours has seen the rigors-of mortis via the thoughtless application of such a crude devise as a vise-grip, you may be out of luck. There are no spare parts available as I mentioned previously. In this case you’ll have to locate a serviceable valve or component to send for service. Don’t let this happen to your expensive valve.

If your valve shows signs of becoming difficult to rotate [i.e. select another position] do not take this route as it will render your valve a very expensive desk-top “what’s that?” device. Parker’s current price for a new Twin Comanche valve is $3,865; what would one cost that is not available?

If yours is transferring fuel [see the AD 79-12-08 and the SL-851 part A] or difficult to rotate positions, it’s time to get it fixed. I can service your valve and provide a yellow tag referencing the SCSM service procedure, and these references mentioned.