If you want me to service your landing gear transmission and/or landing gear motor, contact me for details. See the overview below.

View my article reviewing the process of servicing a Dukes type landing gear transmission.

I currently have 2 Dukes transmissions for sale on an exchange-only basis. These belong to an “investor”. I didn’t set the $3995 price; I just make them pretty and serviceable, and ready for sale.

Dukes Transmission Service Finished 2

Above is a typical Dukes transmission assembly complete with motor and brake asm. you probably already know how rare this item has become.

Dukes #4 lubricant

Here is the Dukes #4 lubricant called out in the Comanche special service instructions. It is a 2-ounce tube, adequate for 3 transmission services. FYI – Dukes instituted a minimum purchase per invoice of $475 back in 2010 which is why I previously stocked this grease. Their new policy excludes this service item so you can now purchase it directly from Dukes; here is the phone number (818) 998-9811. BTW their new price is $91 per 2-oz.

Duke’s #4 Lubricant / Grease Alternative

If you’re interested in making your own “Duke’s” type grease, here is how to proceed. Referencing the Mooney bulletin I have made these simple downloadable instructions for you to print out or save paper and view it online.

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