This left rear baffle ASM 23977-009 for the Twin Comanche is fabricated from all new materials with the exception of a small portion of your old baffle which satisfies the FAA “repair” language.

As a product improvement “doublers” are incorporated at strategic areas where this baffles tend to fail. Powder coating color is whatever you prefer, within limits of course, and some colors may incur time delay and extra cost; glossy black is most popular. The photos below are gray. Pricing is $650 each for the non-turbo baffle. The “chrome” color is $75 extra.

This is the baffle where the oil cooler mounts. NLA from Piper. After 45 years of service they can be pretty deteriorated.

Glossy Black Baffle

Glossy Black Powder Coat

The turbo baffle P/N RJ0624/23977-09 for the C1A engine is a completely different baffle and more time-consuming to construct; they are priced at $750 each. I make this baffle as a one-piece approach rather than the way the Rajay drawings suggest to modify the non-turbo baffle by adding a “duct” to the existing.

It is best to schedule this repair in advance prior to your actual needs; they take time [6 days for a pair] to fabricate and a backlog of orders may exist. When your scheduled repair is nearly complete you ship your old baffle[s] to me for installation of the donor piece. Doing it this way you will have the shortest “downtime”. Alternatively I can ship completed baffles to you and you return the cores when you are ready.

I have found that there are variances in the baffles, for instance some hole locations, holes and/or no holes. Also there are 2 engine types, wide deck and narrow deck.

I have one new baffle that I use as a pattern, and a wide deck engine to assure the fitment of the new baffle. I can assure you a good fit for the wide deck. If you have narrow-deck engines, without your baffle in hand to copy I cannot assure a good fit, at least until I can locate a narrow deck engine case [I have the cylinder].

Wide-Deck Cylinder and Attachment Hardware
Twin Engine Baffles 23977-009 Left
23977-009 Baffle ASM, Left Rear
Unfinished Engine Baffle Showing Donor Piece in Zinc Chromate Primer
Twin Engine Baffles Unfinished Turbo Engine Baffles

Unfinished Turbo Baffles

Twin Engine Baffles Unfinished Turbo Engine Baffles Pair

Naked Pair

Chrome Baffle Powder Coating

Chrome Powder Coat

Wide-Deck Engine

Wide deck engine with nearly finished baffle

You get to locate and drill the hole in the mounting tab where it attaches to the crankcase

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