Single engine baffles for 180, 250, 260 but NOT the 260C or 400

These engine front baffles are considered a “repair” which means I need your old baffle[s]. They are every bit as good as brand-spanking new and better in some respects. They are typically powder coated glossy black but different colors are available, some at extra cost, within the realm of the power-coater’s color inventory and schedule. A really special color may delay shipment. The baffle will come complete with the felt sealing strip stapled using the Bostitch wire stitcher (see image below) just as Piper Aircraft did at the factory, they also have the felt surround at the oil cooler opening for the left side baffle.

This is the original stapler [officially a Bostitch wire stitcher] which was surplused from the Piper factory in Vero Beach, was originally used to staple the felt seals to the engine baffles. I bought this more than 20 years ago from a hot tip; it was collecting dust in a hangar in Vandenburg, FL [Tampa]. What an asset for another finishing touch, just like the Piper factory.

Bostitch Wire Stitcher

Okay, so much for the sales pitch. I realize Piper probably sold these for 50 bucks once upon a time, long long ago. Today they are time-consuming for me to make [repair]. If you don’t like the baffle I don’t squabble; your purchase will be refunded. In other words, inspect it, if you don’t like it, don’t mess with it. They are so pretty you may order an extra set just to show off or even hang them in your den.

For descriptive purposes the pilot’s seat is the left side of the airplane, even in the United Kingdom.

Engine Forward Baffles

These engine forward baffles 21138-XX and 21139-XX are fabricated from all new materials with the exception of a small portion of your old baffle which satisfies the FAA “repair” language. Your old baffle needs to be returned for a donor piece so that it can be installed onto the next baffle repair. Pricing is $650 right side 21138-XX [alternator/generator], $550 left side 21139-XX [oil cooler]. Order both and save $100. The baffles are complete with the felt strip stapled just as Piper® did at the factory, and the felt surround at the oil cooler cutout.

21138-CG Baffle Repair Complete, right side; Includes glossy black powder coat and felt seals. $650
21139-CG Baffle Repair Complete, left side. Includes glossy black powder coat, and felt seals. $550
Both Baffles -$100 discount when ordering the pair. $1,100
21139-xx Left Forward Engine Baffle

21139-xx Left Forward Baffle

21138-xx Right Forward Engine Baffle

21138-xx Right Forward Baffle

Comanche Gear Single Engine Baffles

Comanche Gear 260 Single Engine Baffles

21139 Comanche Gear Single Engine Baffles Left

21139 Comanche Gear 260 Single Engine Baffle Left

21138 Comanche Gear Single Engine Baffles Right

21138 Comanche Gear 260 Single Engine Baffle Right

The above 260 belongs to Joe Hand in Beloit, WI.
Handsome color however the extra cost for this chrome/clear process is $35 per baffle.

Additional Single Engine Baffle Photos

batch of completed 260 baffles

Batch of completed baffles. Don’t let this stock-pile fool you regarding availability. I used to have the time to make them in large batches; that is no longer true.

260 baffles in chrome powder coat

Here are the black powder coat options; flat, semi-gloss, and glossy.

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